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  • Sophie Cahen

🦾Alira Health just issued a rich report that provides a comprehensive overview of the orthopedic robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) market landscape !

A few take-ways below : 

🔥 High-growth sector - orthopedic RAS market in APAC is expected to surge by 45% over the next three years

🧑‍⚕️Increasingly supported by clinical evidence: increased precision & improved surgical planning lead to better clinical outcomes & higher patient satisfaction

🚀52.2% of knee procedures expected to use robotic technology in five year

😤 Some enduring obstacles hinder adoption, especially in ASCs: High Platform Purchasing Cost, Significant Learning Curve & Longer Set-up Time --> growing industry demand for more cost-efficient and usable solutions. (Hello 👋)

💸 Four different sales models out there : Revenue-Sharing / Subscription / Outright Purchase / Pay-per-Use

💰 Active market: over $1 billion raised since 2016 by orthopedic surgical robotics companies(including by us !) 

Great to see to much of our intuitions and design inputs confirmed. Let's go !

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