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Smart and Intuitive Device

Ganymed Robotics’ first target therapeutic indication is for Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA), a widespread and exponentially growing procedure still associated with high patient unsatisfaction rates. The company’s patented technology platform is designed to be gradually deployed to other orthopedic procedures.

Arthroplasty today suffers multiple challenges. Outcomes are unsatisfactory and inconsistent (1 in 5 patients isn’t happy with the post-operative result). Technology penetration, while growing, remains low worldwide, as first-generation robots are sometimes perceived as expensive marketing tools, cumbersome and time-consuming to use.  Variability also affects operating time, hampering care centers’ ability to make efficient use of scarce operating rooms.


TKA procedures will more than triple over the next decade worldwide, triggered by population growth, lifestyle changes and active longevity expectation. Delivering more efficient, consistent high-quality care is becoming critical. Ganymed Robotics has developed the only robotic assistant that answers surgeons’ and industry’s need for an easy-to-use device that enables them to efficiently and reliably perform high quality TKAs.

Knee Arthroplasty and Beyond

The Perfect Fit

Internationally recognized surgeons actively contribute to the development of Ganymed’s technology platform. Frequent user tests and a focus on usability and intuitiveness are at the core of our design process. We are building a technology that makes medico-economic sense.

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