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🙌 Our CEO Sophie Cahen is featured in the annual Institut Choiseul ranking of 100 French leaders under 40

Dernière mise à jour : 28 mars

Our CEO Sophie Cahen is featured in the annual Institut Choiseul ranking of 100 French leaders under 40, along with prominent entrepreuneurs, public officials, private executive, company and ecosystem builders. It's a source of pride for the entire team to see an intense start-up journey recognized in such a way.

🚀 In just over 5 years, we became a team of 45 people, raised 40m€ +, filed a dozen international patent families, and more importantly : we gathered and leveraged feedback from 40+ surgeons, ran a clinical trial on 91 patients, and are getting ready to deploy our robot in operating rooms.

So that each patient gets the right, personnalized procedure, every single time.

Bringing an innovative medical device to market is not a straight line nor an easy ride, but we're well under way !

Stay tuned !

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