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New Standard of Care

Human-led, machine-empowered.


Ganymed Robotics’ proprietary and patented technology platform is built around disruptive innovations that radically transform the way orthopedic surgeons perform in the operating room.

Advanced Computer Vision

Our multimodal sensor embedded in the arm of the robot fuels a proprietary algorithmic suite that enables contactless registration of the patient’s anatomy.


Our unique technology instantly locates the exact position and orientation of patients’ anatomical structure, without invasive intramedullary rods or time-consuming optical trackers.


Co-manipulated Robotics


We live by human-machine collaboration! 

Our table-mounted co-manipulated robot incorporates the most advanced mechatronic technology.  Manipulation is intuitive, device is compact and ergonomic. Surgeons can manipulate autonomously and remain in control throughout the intervention.

Always a Step Ahead

By collecting real-time multimodal data in the operating room, Ganymed Robotics provides surgeons and industry stakeholders with the missing link between pre-operative and post-operative data. It will catalyze the development of predictive analytics algorithms to continuously improve patient-specific care delivery. Ganymed Robotics is paving the way for the future.

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