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  • Sophie Cahen

It’s a wrap ! Thank you San Francisco🙏 !

Below our CEO first non-sector specific JPM takeaways. 

Is it useful ? YES 

Meeting with investors, business partners, bankers, equity analysts, corporates, inform decisions and strategy in an invaluable way. We’re deeply grateful for the insights and feedback we got this week.

It is demanding ? YES 

It’s not just the nonstop high-intensity human interactions. Get ready to run around crowded streets under the rain with your backpack, sit for hours in windowless rooms, absorb unholy amounts of coffee & junk food, attend 4 cocktail parties an evening, all while pretending you are fresh and NOT 9 hour jet lagged. 

Is is fun ? Oh YES 

it’s great to meet people in person. Everyone is going through the same grinding circus and tries to make the interaction meaningful and pleasant. Sure, a lot of information is exchanged during meeting. But if it was the only point, zoom would be enough. It’s about connecting, getting to know people. And to paraphrase Maya Angelou : they’ll forget what you said, they’ll remember how you made them feel. 

Looking forward to following-up on great conversations - and coming back next year !

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